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  II Corinthians 5:17  " Women in the Bible Series" 

Join us on Friday nights at 7 pm as we explore the lives of women in the Bible. We will compare their lives to our lives today. There are many similarities and much for us to learn. We don't have to wake up tired. If this is happening to you then you are simply mentally exhausted. Most women carry their households, mentally, financially, emotionally and spiritually on their shoulders, but we were not designed by God to carry such heavy burdens. It's changing our attitudes and our countenance.  Come and let us help you make the change so that you are truly free in Christ Jesus. 




               Where are all the women?": New York City to commission statues honoring  trailblazing women - CBS News

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The HypePlace T-Shirt is for the Women in the Bible Series!!!
You can visit  to order your shirts. In September 2020 we will meet to take a group photo in our shirts to use on our promotional items. 
We have been invited in the Summer of 2021 to take our empowering message from God on the road.  We hope that many of you will be with us as we travel empowering others to give their life to Christ. Our most sincere desire is that women will release their cares and concerns to the ever capable hands of Father God.  

Pastor Terry and Mrs. Lynda have spent their lives encouraging people to believe God. God is not a man that he would or could lie, if he said it, it will come to pass. He won't relent, never has to repent, so we can all trust him.      Numbers 23:19