Starting August 6, 2023 | Sundays 9:30 am in Manhattan   

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The Fresh Start New Beginning Christian Church 

Youth & Children Ministry

Come and be part of the Youth Ministry at FSNBCC. Jesus cared about children ( Mark 10:13-16) and so should our churches. A church that does not make children and the youth a priority will eventually die. 


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The Arts in ministry is an awesome expressive way to show the love of God. The Hand Mime Ministry spells GOD in one of the featured pics below and everyone was all smiles after an awesome performance. Congratulations FSNBCC Hand Mime Ministry team and Ms. Angelia Clark for making Mrs. Lynda's idea a reality. 

Fresh Start New Beginning Theme Song (MP3)
Listen to Fresh Start (New Beginning) MP3 theme song. 

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Back-to-School Blessings:
The youth receive a special blessing from Pastor Terry before they begin the school yea
Keeping the Youth Busy in Christ 

Youth Step Team

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