Starting August 6, 2023 | Sundays 9:30 am in Manhattan   

ONLINE BIBLE STUDY: Tuesdays 7 pm 

Ph: +1-914-291-5899  

II Corinthians 5:17 "Where All Things Are Made New" 

What Makes Fresh Start New Beginning Christian Church Different...

To every purpose there is a place and a people


In that place God uses a person to solve a problem for his people. Fresh Start New Beginning Christian Church (FSNBCC) is a church designed to deal with the whole man.


If you are wondering what makes FSNBCC different than other churches in the area? FSNBCC’s dynamic and humorous Pastor Terry Starks takes the word of God and makes it applicable to the lives of God’s people.

So what can you expect when visiting FSNBCC? Warm and Friendly hostesses as you enter the building. You will often find Pastor and First Lady Lynda in the foyer greeting the flock before service begins. Pastor and Mrs. Lynda are accessible to the people of God. It is one of the amazing things about this ministry. We have a Pastor and First Lady that are transparent in their testimonies and available to the people.


Our services always start on time. We are respectful of your time. Each service begins with Praise and Worship before moving into our anointed service. We provide a loving and laid back atmosphere to learn God’s word. There is no dress code so come comfortable or come as cute as you want to be, all are welcome. We have not forgotten the children of FSNBCC. They are loved while learning the word of God in their own classrooms. 

Children are encouraged to love God, learn the word from an early age 

and they are free to enjoy other Christian children.


We are a Bible teaching ministry that requires that you have a Bible and if you don’t have a Bible we will loan you one for the service. If you don’t own a Bible the ministry will allow you to keep the one that we loan you during service. At an FSNBCC service, you will open your Bible and take notes as we study the word of God together. With the assistance of all the notes presented in a Power Point presentation this church service becomes a classroom for your life. Sermon teachings take "real life" experiences and show you how to use your faith and the word of God to combat any issues you are currently facing.


Because of this style of teaching, many people have credited this ministry has having helped their marriage, their finances, their work relationships and most importantly they have changed as a person. 

"There is such a focus on aligning your life with the word of God. The other thing I love about Pastor is that there is accountability. He follows up and wants to know if you are applying the word to your life because he wants us to win – he expects to see fruit in our lives".


From Mrs. Linda Crowell, FSNBCC Member 

Pastor Terry is the man of God the world needs to hear. Where ever he has taught, God has blessed the people and his family. So be prepared to see lots of people that have been under his truthful teaching who are now living successfully with the receipts to prove that God has come through for them. You will know your Bible and your God when you leave FSNBCC.