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   II Corinthians 5:17 " We are New Women In Christ"


Women in the Bible

Many of the women in the Bible are rarely mentioned but those women that are mentioned provide us with much needed life lessons. These women play a pivotal role in shaping the lives of their families and can do the same for our families today. These strong women faced the same challenges that many of us do today. Their struggles, pain, heartache, love for their families is no different than our challenges today. God wants us to know these women intimately because all the stories of the Bible are written for our learning. The same devil that tormented them is the same one we are facing today, he has no new tricks. God has provided a way of escape for all of his daughters regardless of their past but we must utilize His word in our lives so that we may experience his freedom, joy, peace and love. The nuggets and details to our success in marriage, career, as mothers is in the stories of the Women in the Bible.

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The Faces of Eve
Eve was bored and continued a conversation with Satan that led to destruction. She changed the way women have been treated and viewed throughout history.

Silent Partner (Men who are not strong leaders): Adam and Abraham

The Original Mean Girls: Sarah and Hagar 

Sarah created a plan of her own because patience and her trust in God waned. Hagar forgot that she was not a wife that Abraham chose. Men never love the woman that is forced on them.

Silent Partner: Lot

Lot’s two daughters slept with their father. Produced two nations: Ammonites and Moabites. These two daughters were offered up to be raped in place of the angels of God by their father, sex trafficking, thereby reducing their value.

Silent Partner: Isaac (Momma’s Boy)

Rebekah started out right but succumbed to her desire for her favorite child, Jacob, to reign and rule over the oldest, Esau, which cost her precious time with him. She died never seeing him again. Favoritism among children creates rivalries that last a lifetime. This is bad parenting.

Silent Partner: Jacob (Momma’s Boy) He never protected anyone but Rachel 

Esau (Impatient, hot head, yet strong)

Leah and Rachel: The First Sister Wives 

The trickster was tricked by his Uncle Laban and Leah. Leah was never loved because she was forced on Jacob. Rachel and Leah passed Jacob around between them as they competed with children and time with him. Men never love a woman who tricks him into a relationship by manipulating them with lies or by having a child. Children should never be used as a pawn to trick anyone into a relationship. It's unfair to your child and to you. All women deserve to be loved and wanted. God does not want us in relationships that require we are in a daily competition. Those relationships are exhausting because they become mentally and emotionally draining. Men never love a woman who tricks him into a relationship. Jacob was willing to work 14 years to be with Rachel. The woman a man works for is the one he wants. If he's not working to be with you, "he's not that into you". No man is ever too busy with their career, friends, family or hobby to be with the woman he loves. Jacob loved Rachel and he was willing to work for her.

The Sin of Passivity: Many men suffer from the sin of passivity. We will review and point out these type of men in the Bible as we encounter the women who then take it upon themselves to create a plan or vision in the absence of one from the leader of the household. Men who are inactive, cowardly, uninvolved, take no initiative, numb, indifferent, apathetic, complain but offer no solutions will cause much heartache for wives and children. Jacob is the perfect example of a passive man. Jacob was never moved by the birth of his many sons or the rape of his only daughter Dinah because they were all the children born to him by a woman he didn't want, Leah. When dealing with a passive man, your first hard question should be to him, Do you love me, us? That is a Yes or No question. It does not come with any other explanations.  


Dinah, a typical bored teenager, wanders into the city to see what the daughters of the world are doing only to be raped by the Prince of Shechem. To Avenge the rape, Simeon and Levi kill the men of Shechem after agreeing to give the Prince, Dinah as his wife but only after they are circumcised. Lazy parenting is often why daughters are unescorted and available to be harmed. Don’t assimilate with the world when you have been set apart. Watch your children closely so that they are not damaged.

Strong Men but Wrong: Simeon, Levi, 
Strong Silent Man who did what was right: Judah 

Judah and Tamar Tamar teaches Judah to follow through with his word. We should never point the finger at other sinners and condemn them without first looking at ourselves. Tamar refused to put her life in the someone else’s hands. She found her voice. She was persistent, assertive, and industrious. 

Tamar wants us to 

1. Do a full assessment of your life and figure out who you are spiritually, physically, mentally, and relationally. 

2. Invest time in yourself to create a plan. 

3. Find your voice. Quit expecting others to speak up for you, help you or to help you feel better. 

4. Stop putting your life in the hands of others who have their own motives. 

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The Green-Eyed Monster


Miriam A study in Fear, Envy, Jealousy and Racism 
Envy, jealously and racism caused Miriam, a woman who God was using, to be struck with leprosy. Is fear, envy, jealousy and racism destroying you? In Proverbs 6:16-19 God lays out for us what he hates. Those things that God hates, we should hate and not do or become. Miriam started her hate speech against Moses by pointing out his wife was of a darker hue but she quickly diverts to his ability to lead. Racism is often rooted in feeling inferior and insecure so therefore the person looks for the one glaring difference to point out, skin color. Actually there is something else that they envy. There is an ability or a relationship that the racist desires but feels inadequate to obtain so they replace it with hate. Hate consumes and defiles the vessels who carries it. It replaces the ability for the person to look at themselves. Blaming others for your own shortcomings is an escape plan the devil has created for those who are consumed with hate. You now think someone has something that should belong to you when in fact you are not working to accomplish anything. What God has for you is always there for you. No one can take it but you can lose it because of your own belief system.

Mrs. Potiphar
Potiphar's wife used her sexuality and power to try and manipulate Joseph but his love for God shamed her and unleashed a fury within her. Because of Joseph's love for God, he refused to sleep with her. His morality shamed her and in retaliation she lied on him and had him sent to prison. Our sexuality should never be used as a weapon. Any good thing Mrs. Potiphar ever did will not be known. She will always be known for her last horrible thing she did to an innocent man. Have you lied on someone? Fix it today. It will hinder you always. God can't move you past that last horrible action that hurt an innocent person. Our loving God is always ready to forgive and receive us in a loving embrace.

The Five Women that Saved Moses: A Study in Courage 
Courage is the quality of a mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, pain and fear head on even if they are afraid. To serve God we will have a day where we must be courageous. Fear God and obey him above all men. (Acts 5:29) 

The Midwives; His mother Jochebed, Miriam, Pharaoh’s Daughter Takes Courage to 

1. Stop someone from overlooking you. 

2. Stop people from making decisions that affect you without your involvement. 

3. Be quiet and listen to others when they speak. Other people have valid points and input. 

4. Stop being a door mat. Quick allowing what you permit and then whining about it to others who can’t stop it. Learn to say NO, STOP!!! 

5. Set boundaries and have consequences for people who overstep them. No, does not need an explanation. 

Jealousy is so bitter and evil that the Bible says it’s crueler than the grave. 

Song of Solomon 8:6 

James 3:16 

Aaron (silent partner, passive man) is a priest, from the Tribe of Levi and didn’t stop Miriam from talking. 

Moses (strong silent type) is humble but not passive.