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                        "Where all things are made new"

Church Testimonies

Hear how God's healing hand is making a difference in our lives. Testimonies from our congregation can be found below. Please feel free to send us your testimony at

"My time is up", said Pastor Terry

On Sunday, August 5, 2012, when Pastor Terry said "My time is up", I could hear some members of the congregation say, "awww", in disappointment.
My niece and I said it too!
I've never been in a church where time was up and we were wanting more. Usually we're looking at the clock wondering when we're going to be set free! LOL
FSNBCC has truly been a blessing in me and my family's life.
Pastor Terry has a way of saying things that really hit home and make it all so clear. I'm learning and growing in God's word in a way I've not done before.
We're very thankful to Pastor Terry and First lady Lynda.


René Gordon



My fiancé and I met Pastor Terry and Mrs. Lynda at CCCE in New York.

I can not begin to tell you how much they enriched our lives with the word of God.


We are truly indebted to these two dynamic individuals just by their message of God's word.


When they left CCCE we were really saddened, but we knew that God had other plans for them - and he did with FSNBCC.


We love you Pastor Terry and Mrs. Lynda! May God Bless you and your Ministry always.
Vanessa Brown and Lytel Johnson.



God is in the miracles business


Dec. 22, 2011 my husband was diagnosed with stage IV terminal cancer, spread throughout his body, did damage to his bones, discs, effected his lymph nodes. The doctors gave him 8-12 months to live. From day one we stood on God's Word, believing what He said, giving voice to His word and praising Him for what He said we have. This past Wednesday, August 1st, we got the results of his pet scan ~ he's not just cancer free, there's no trace of cancer! We want to share this news with everyone to let them know miracles do happen, God makes good on His word. It's up to us what we do with His word!


Christine MacLeod

Receive the Word of God through a loving and committed couple - Pastor Terry and Mrs. Lynda By Jeanette Massey

Pastor Terry is an awesome mighty man of God whom I will always admire, respect, support and love for his integrity, diligence and obedience to the word. He is full of God's wisdom and has an amazing way of delivering God's messages to people. When you come into the presence of Pastor Terry, you will immediately embrace his genuine character and love and come to the full knowledge that he has been Called to the ministry by GOD and not hired.

Pastor Terry and his multi-talented wife, Mrs.Lynda, have both been a blessing and inspiration to my family and I. They have taught us how to operate our lives according to the word. Many talk about how churches want to take your money but that is truly not the case at FSNBCC. Pastor Terry taught and we were obedient. My son and I stepped out on Faith and received our blessing from God for our businesses because we are faithful tithers. Pastor Terry and Mrs.Lynda have stepped into our lives as our Spiritual mom and dad, an excellent role model you could only request. We are so excited to be able to know a powerful man and woman of God who believe in us and want nothing but the best for us and others.

If you are tired of church hopping, need to know the truth about GOD'S WORD, expect to renew your mind and be fed nothing but the best in a Spirit Filled Atmosphere, then attend FSNBCC... "Where All Things Are Made New." And so will you. Believe you will have a Fresh Start New Beginning.

To God Be the Glory.



A testimony of healing and hope By Leslie Simmons

My husband Eric and I have two grown daughters: Erika, who has moved back home and Samantha who is in her third year in the United States Navy. Our youngest is thirteen-year-old, Michael. We were invited to FSNBCC last year and we all agreed Pastor Terry and FSNBCC was an answered call. Physically I was going through severe pain with my digestive system, primarily when I ate any dairy and any red meat. My whole life I basically ate whatever I wanted with no known food allergies. I was reviewed by our family physician and was told this sometimes occurs as people age. I had this condition for at least two years.

In January 2012, Pastor Terry laid hands on me and I believed I was healed. However, I did not change my diet right away. Due to habit and also we were going through a monthly fast at church. By early summer, and grilling time, I started to add red meat and dairy back into my diet. I would try one thing (small grilled steak) one day and glass of 2% milk the next. Praise God no pain! I was so overjoyed. I was telling all my friends and family I have been healed. In the greeting line I told Pastor Terry and Mrs. Lynda they were so gracious and receptive and happy for me. My husband had to gently take me away I was holding up the line with my excitement. I wanted to give my testimony right then but did not want to be out order. It is now August 1st. I am so blessed.