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Family Heirlooms

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Family Heirlooms

The Workbook

By Mrs. Lynda Starks

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Family Heirlooms - The Textbook

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The Family Heirlooms textbook speaks to the woman that is ready to change and receive God's best for her life. Change your conduct, conversations, and ultimately your character in order to get God's best. Use this textbook in conjunction with the workbook.

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Mrs. Lynda, as a guest speaker, will enhance your programming and will provide valuable insight to each point discussed in the book.
Book an Heirlooms session with Mrs. Lynda and experience a day or weekend of locating yourself. Find out why you do what you do and how the Lord Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit can help you to change self defeating attitudes and behaviors. 
Be a part of a session and take the Housewife and Harlot Attitude Quiz. Find out if you have a housewife mindset or a harlot mindset.

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Family Heirlooms - Search inside the pages of my book for these valuable pearls of wisdom.

Mrs. Lynda Starks

Women have changed. Yes, you have changed. Your value system is gone. You have compromised. Satan is still deceiving you like he did Eve thousands of years ago. “Will he really dump you after he has used your body and all your assets and resources?” Yes!!! He won’t keep you or marry you because you give everything you have to him before he marries you. You give after you are married.


God’s desire is not for His daughters to perish. Your perishing is painful for Him to watch. Your cries in the night are heard but His daughters’ actions prevent Him from moving on their behalf.


Jeremiah 30:15 New King James Version (NKJV)


15 Why do you cry about your affliction?
Your sorrow is incurable.
Because of the multitude of your iniquities,
Because your sins have increased,
I have allowed these things to come upon you.


He does not like watching you struggle as single mothers but He is also not happy with your clothing choices that reveal the most precious gifts He has given you. You expose yourself for salon money, for rent on cheap apartments in bad neighborhoods, to be in lewd videos, to get stares and demeaning comments from men who don’t think you are special enough to marry. You are found in clubs swinging on poles, dancing in strange men’s laps, cursing, drinking, smoking, laughing loud and playing the harlot role.


When you are alone and lonely oddly enough you are often sad and you don’t know why. Your spirit is grieved and saddened. The person inside of your corrupt flesh is grieved. The world calls it depression. It’s the royal priest inside of you that wants to be treated like royalty.


Don’t boldly parade around saying that you don’t cook and you don’t clean.

Only a fool spouts out their short comings for all to hear. You do realize these are jobs that God gave us and last I checked he didn’t remove those from our job description. Read Proverbs 31. Oh, don’t tell us about the servant girls she had. You don’t need any help. You don’t do anything. That woman worked from the rising of the sun to the setting of the same.

If the event is not catered ask your host if she would like help cleaning up after a party.

Always offer to help with clean up and if she declines, leave. She wants you to leave. No one declines help unless they are ready for you to leave. Don’t linger, leave. Leave now. Is this clear? Go home. Get out. Now!

There are five things you should never ask a man before he is your husband.

Did you miss me? Am I invited? Do you love me? How much did you pay for that? Did anyone ask about me?


A separated man is still a married man.

Don’t waste your time, heart and energy on a man that is still attached legally and in the eyes of God to a wife.

God still sees you as a harlot committing adultery, and him as an adulterer. He’s married. Send him home or to a divorce lawyer and only let him back when he’s actually divorced.


When trouble comes, what should you do? Get your Bible and with boldness and tell Satan “wait just one minute, you are messing with the wrong family cause I am not afraid of your butt.” 

Don’t avoid unpleasant issues with people or your spouse. When they are allowed to fester they grow bigger even if it’s just in your mind. Deal with issues and put them behind you and run that joker out of your marriage and your house. Women will usually whine for a month and let him beat them down before we fight back in prayer and attitude. Jesus wants us to stand strong in the face of adversity knowing that he has prayed for us. How much faith do you have to face battles head on? If a person is the source of the trouble deal with them before they are allowed to ruin many more of your days.  


A warning to Mothers, Sisters, Grandmothers, Aunts, Uncles, Fathers, Brothers,

Stay out of married family members’ lives. Manage your own relationships. You are wrong on all levels. If you are helping them financially or in any other way it’s better for you to stay out of their business and keep your money. Keep your opinions to yourself. If they ask for your opinion, send them home to figure it out or suggest they seek counseling from their pastor. Anything other than this and you are out of the will of God.


You are only anointed to do the assignments God gave you to do.

This is why many of you are angry when men still expect festivities at night, which are his to expect, but it’s because his load is light. You took all his work away. Of course he has energy at bed time. He has been resting all day. Give men their responsibilities back. Being independent and proud of it will wear you out and make you bitter and angry. Sadly enough, it’s your own fault. Stop cursing people out and putting lines in your face before your time – an ugly women with a nasty mouth has a slim chance of staying happily married to someone who will take care of everything for her.


Women have to demand respect. We must stop allowing people to disrespect us. Stop allowing men to call when it works into their schedule. Stop accepting sub-par treatment because you are afraid to be alone. Stop walking the streets looking like a cheap whore and expecting people to treat you like an Esther or a Ruth. You are not an Esther or a Ruth. They would never do what you are doing or look like you are looking.


Yes, you will find a few frogs while searching for your prince, but remember if you don’t break covenant with him, he is so much easier to get over. Festivities are not for the casual acquaintance. You are more than an evening. There is more to you, and it should take a lifetime to explore all that you have to offer.